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I've been tagged by Quinnamon twice so I'm finally getting around to it and doing it now :meow: love you Quinnamon :heart: :hug:
Here we go!

Here are the rules no one reads:
First, here are some rules for those who want to go on a journey!
1. - You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, using that)
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. 


10 facts about me:
:bulletred:1.) I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat or fish for ethical, nutritional and I-just-don't-really-like-the-taste-of-most-meats-anyway-tbh reasons making pancaek 
:bulletorange:2.) I drink so much water on a daily basis that the only logical explanation is that I'm a mermaid. :merla: 
:bulletyellow:3.) I love cats! SOOO MUCH! It sounds cliche, but I actually love most animals in general, but I just really really really love cats specifically. Cat nods black cat :cat: Siamese Cat Hug Pusheen Emote 
:bulletgreen:4.) I can juggle Juggle 
:bulletblue:5.) I love to sing! :cantsing: particularly in a choir :la: choir  
:bulletpurple:6.) I don't wear any make up :flirty:  and I don't even paint my nails anymore. I have many many reasons why, but it's too much effort to explain. I do miss painting my nails though Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion
:bulletpink:7.) One thing I pride myself on is keeping an open mind :open-minded:  I will try anything once and give anything a chance, and I might even like it! I tried listening to a rap band from south Africa and ended up liking it! You never know what cool things you're going to discover if you have an open mind! :meow:
:bulletred:8.) I have very mild synesthesia, which means in my mind's eye, I see letters, numbers, days of the week, and months as specific colors Lily's Rainbow Box  Look it up on Wikipedia for a better explanation/more info 
:bulletorange:9.) The environment is really important to me, and I try my best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle! Here are a few examples: I use hankerchiefs instead of tissues, I never use plastic utensils (I have re-usable bamboo utensils), use re-usable water bottles and travel cups for Starbucks, and try not to by anything with unnecessary packaging or plastic, and use all recyclable products among many other things! :recycle: 
:bulletyellow:10.) I've been to Japan! :japanflag: Wasabimote riding sushi it was a wonderful experience and I plan on going back and on traveling even more to other countries as well!

 And now since she's tagged me twice, here are: 
Quinnamon's(Quinnamon's) Questions Part 1:
1. What is your favorite TF2 ship-pairing? And are they with Femme versions of the classes, or no? (example: Pyro X Engineer, Sniper X Spy, Medic X Heavy)
I haven't played TF2, and I don't know LOTs about it, but I like the looks of all the characters, so let me think about it... probably ScoutxSniper
2. Favorite article of clothing?
Dresses!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
3. If you could choose an extinct animal to bring back to life, which would you choose?
That's a really tough one, there are so many! I think what I'd like to do is instead of bring back something gone, I'd rather have the power to make endangered animals (animals at risk of going extinct) un-endangered! Like pandas and tigers.
4. Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth pony? (You can't choose Alicorn)
I love MLPFIM! And definitely unicorn! :meow: It would be so cool to have magic!
5. What is your favorite childhood candy? (example: I grew up eating Good and Plenties)
Squeeze pops! They're like a tube of toothpaste with really fruity and sour syrup on the inside that you squeeze out! XP So good but so bad for you! 

6. Worst thing you've ever eaten?
Lamb Really Sad 
7. What, to you, is the most inspirational quote?
UGHUGH That's so hard!! There are so many!!! If I have to chose just one, it would be:
"Every flower must grow through dirt."
8. Favorite US president? Why?
This one is also tough :T I'm going to have to go with Lincoln and FDR. I know choosing more than 1 is cheating OTL;;
For those of you who like George Washington the most, I dare you to search "Washington" on youtube -and it should be the first video you see on the list, by TheRealBradNeely
9. Favorite Sailor Moon character? 
Venus :meow::heart:
10. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, or Michelangelo? And why?
I've only watched the 2003-2009 version when I was a kid, and back then Mikey (Michelangelo) was my favorite, but know going off that same series, I like them all! But probably Leo because he's the leader.

Quinnamon's Questions part 2:
1. Scariest thing that has ever happened to you or a friend?
The scariest thing that's coming to mind is probably when I got attacked by a cat in 6th grade. There was a really mean cat who used to get into fights with my cats, and one night I chased him away from our house. Unfortunately I chased him too far, back into what he considered his "territory", so he turned around and attacked me. He jumped at my head and scratched me, and I had to get 6 stitches in my ear! But luckily that was the worst of it. I'm so lucky he didn't scratch my eyes or neck! It could have been a lot worse!
It's pretty weird that even though that was a super traumatic experience for me, cats are still my favourite animal :T
2. Best candy you've ever seen?
I LOVE CANDYYYY!!!! There are so many I like, but my favorites are sourpatch watermelon, berry sourpatch kids, red-rageous mike and ikes, and fruit gushers!
3. Is there anything you've ever wanted to cook/bake? If you don't Cook/bake, is there something you've always wanted to eat?
Yes! I love cooking/baking! I've made lots of stuff, but I've always wanted to make a rainbow cake! like this one: 
4. If you could make any creature in the Animalia Kingdom extinct which one would you choose? (yes insects and arachnids count)and Why?
ALMOST ALL BUGS!! I HATE THEM!!! I want to keep butterflies, ladybugs, rolley pollies, bumble bees and maybe a few others, but I HATE flies, ticks, fleas, gnats, bees, wasps, potato bugs, earwigs, etc.!! DIEEEE!!!!! However, if I could actually make them go extinct, I'd have to think about it a lot more because I'm okay with some bugs/spiders, and a lot of these bugs serve a purpose like being food for other animals and pollinating plants, etc. It would require a lot of thought, but I would do it!
5. Do you believe in any superstitions? what are they?
I don't actually believe in many, but I do believe that what goes around comes around. Not necessarily karma, but If you're mean to people, you'll get what you deserve, but if you're nice to people, you'll be happy :)
6. Favorite Pick-up line?
I really love cheesy punny ones! My favourite one right now is: "Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material."
7. Favorite Puns?
ALL OF THEM! For real though, I love puns! the cheesier the better! for some reason I think really bad puns are the funniest!
8. If you could have your dream occupation, what would it be?
Getting paid a lot of money to just stay home and do all of the things I want to do and get better at, like cooking, baking, drawing, painting, writing, gardening, etc.
9. What is something you wish you knew sooner?
That it is always best to be your self.
10.Do you indulge yourself too much? and with what?
Yes! :'( With candy :'( I love it too much and have a really powerful sweet tooth.

And now, 10 questions of mine for you to answer:
1.) What's your middle name and do you like it? Why or why not?
2.) What does your username of deviant art mean/how did you come up with it?
3.) If you could change ONE thing about yourself, and only ONE thing, what would it be?
4.) If could just instantly learn an entire language in 1 second and know it forever, what language would you choose and why?
5.) Do you have any pets? Please copy+paste a picture of it bellow! If you don't have one paste a picture of a pet you'd love to have if you could!
6.) What's your favourite YouTube video and why? Post a link below!
7.) What is your favourite color and why?
8.) What's your dream job?
9.) Favorite quote?
10.) Pick one of your favourite deviantartists and put the link to their page bellow!

I really dislike tagging people because I feel like a nuisance and most people don't want to do it, so I'm just going to say: do it if you want to, and then send me a link to your journal because I'd actually love to know the answers to my questions and get to know you better!
Here are some people I'd like to know their answers but NO PRESSURE!
Quinnamon (I know you already did these tags, you don't have to make a new journal entry, just maybe post your answers in the comments bellow or something if you feel like it ;3)
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